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The wlnss pro app connects you the provider with people looking for IV Therapy & Vitamin Injections, Acupuncture and Cupping services in Los Angeles and New York City. Earn additional income on your schedule.

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The wlnss pro app is fully HIPAA compliant

Any Registered Nurse with a valid medical license or any licensed Acupuncturist can apply to work with us. For the safety of our patients, we conduct thorough background checks to validate licensing and employment history.

Simply download the wlnss pro app and sign up. One of our team members will reach out to you to schedule an onboarding session.

Our Medical Director is Dr. James (Yen) T. Wang, a double board certified, Harvard and UCLA trained physician. Dr. Wang is available to speak with you if you have any question either during, before or after a treatment session.

In addition, Sveen Chohan, our Head of Product, is a Registered Nurse who has extensive experience with IV therapy. She is more than happy to provide additional coaching and guidance beyond our standard onboarding practices.

Yes. We carry a general liability and medical malpractice insurance policy that covers our nurse contractors for any liability with respect to patient injury and product quality issues. You will receive a copy of the certificate of insurance during your onboarding training.

The policy does not cover injuries the nurse may sustain him or herself (no workers’ compensation included as specified in our terms of service).

We have tried to make your life as simple as possible. The only two things you need to bring to a patient appointment are 1) your stethoscope and 2) your blood pressure cuff, which are both needed to record basic vitals prior to starting the IV treatment. Everything else we deliver to you at the location of the appointment, including the pre-mixed IV bag and booster shots (if applicable), including hospital grade medical supplies (all sourced from reputable distributors).

After the treatment has taken place, you can drop any used equipment at the nearest pharmacy using the bio waste bags and sharps bins we supply.

All charting is done on the wlnss pro app, which is built to a fully HIPAA compliant standard.

When you check out of an appointment, via the wlnss pro app, the consumer is charged and your wallet is automatically credited. Once your bank account is linked, you can withdraw money from your wallet anytime. Wlnss does not store payment information, all transactions are executed by our secure payment processing software, stripe.

Meet the wlnss provider support team

Sveen Chohan wlnns

Sveen Chohan, RN

Head Of Product

Welcome to wlnss. As Head Of Product, I am here to assist you and guide you to ensure that your experience as a wlnss provider is nothing short of excellent as well as rewarding.

As a provider, you will find our platform to be intuitive and one that gives you another way to enhance your income based on your schedule. We train you prior to your first patient appointment to ensure that you feel comfortable with the wlnss process and medical protocols.

dr james wang wlnss

Dr. James (Yen) T Wang, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Harvard Medical School
UCLA Residency
Double Board Certified

Welcome to wlnss, my name is Dr. James Wang. I am the Chief Medical Officer for wlnss. I am here to support you.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality medical care in the most convenient and affordable way for our patients as well as support you, the provider.

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